Greenway Homecare is a family run homecare agency that has been trading in Surrey, since 2007. Our agency was born out of a desire to provide a level of home help that we would wish our own parents to have received, and to return to a more traditional way of homecare. Our ethos is to "put the care back into caring".

Our reputation was achieved by moving away from the conveyor belt mentality that unfortunately the Homecare industry is now so associated with. By moving away from that way of thinking and instead returning to a more traditional values, we have created an environment that ensures an hour means an hour, no missed calls, and, most importantly, continuity and punctuality. This is coupled with employing carers with a real desire to care, and paying well above both the "Living Wage" and the industry as a whole.

Our methodology was one of the primary reasons Greenway Homecare was approached by the BBC to be part of a documentary called "when I'm 65", with June Brown - Dot Cotton from EastEnders. Watch the clip here .

Home Care - Your Choice

Some of the ways we help our clients stay independent is by giving them more choice, including:

  • What time they want to have breakfast
  • What time they want lunch/tea
  • What time they want to go to bed

By giving our clients more choice we enable them to keep their independence, ultimately allowing them to prosper. We believe that anything we can do to make the client's life easier can only be beneficial; whether this is walking the client's dog or preparing a BBQ during a meal call.

Prior to undertaking any form of care we assess each client's individual needs and wishes. This can include speaking with former care workers, hospitals, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to ensure that a care package is agreed that suits both the client, their families and significant others.

Greenway Homecare's success is by no means accidental. It is through our commitment to providing an environment that ensures every member of the Greenway team is trained to the highest standards. It is through this commitment that we have devised our own training programmes, which we constantly review.